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Medical Income USA rents small medical equipment to people with injuries. We partner with local dealers who clean, inspect and maintain our equipment. Our dealers generate a consistent, monthly income working from home and our customers get access to medical equipment, available immediately at highly competitive prices.

Clean, inspect and maintain our equipment from home
Hosts a pickup/return location
Income of $400-$800 per month
Work 4-8 hours per month
Steady income that is not economically sensitive
Relatively passive income from home
No investment and highly sought after dealerships

Pickup/return the equipment from dealers’ homes
Most affordable medical equipment in the USA
Convenient pickup/return via SMS (text messaging)
No contact with dealers
Automated medical equipment rentals via technology
365 day access to medical equipment when it’s needed
Over 500 5-star reviews


Monument, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Denver, CO
Wheat Ridge, CO
Fort Collins, CO
Loma Linda, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Tucson, AZ

Now accepting applications for select US cities

Work from home

We rent small medical equipment to people with lower body injuries

You will host a location and clean and maintain the equipment when it’s returned by a customer

The equipment is 3ft long by 18 inches wide by 16 inches tall and weighs 25 pounds

Rarely because the equipment has wheels and is easily maneuverable

You will have 25-40 pieces of equipment but the majority of the time the equipment will be rented out

Our typical customer rents the equipment for 5 weeks (36 days). This means you’ll only maintain each piece of equipment about 10 times per year when it is returned by the customer

No. Our customers rent on our website. After they place an order they receive text instructions to self service pickup and will rarely interact with you

Your schedule is completely flexible. All we ask is that you clean, inspect and maintain equipment before 8am the day after it has been returned by a customer. This typically takes 5-10 minutes.

Not necessarily. You will only perform maintenance when a piece of equipment has been returned. We notify you via text message so that you know it has been returned

Cleaning and inspecting takes 3-5 minutes. Maintenance can take 15-60 minutes depending on the maintenance. On average, each piece of equipment takes about 12 minutes. Since our customers rent our equipment for 5-6 week you’ll typically only see each piece of equipment about 10 times per year

You only need basic mechanical skills and simple tools like allen wrenches, a monkey wrench, pliers and some open end box wrenches. The maintenance is easy and we provide training videos as well. We even provide the tools and a tool bag!

We hope to have you with us long term (many years). We’re not interested in anyone looking for short term income.

We pay you at the beginning of every month via electroni funds transfer (ETF) to your bank

It costs you nothing. We supply the equipment, training and even supply you with tools and a tool bag, at our expense. We cover all costs and there are no hidden fees

During your video call we will discuss exactly what the equipment is. Most people don’t know what it is, even when told so we’ll show you what it is during the call. We assure you the equipment is simple to maintain, easy to maneuver and does not take up a lot of space and is not heavy.

We do. We’ll buy the equipment and ship to your home, all at our cost

In about 2 weeks. Depending on your location it takes anywhere from 1-4 days for the equipment to arrive. Then it takes us another week to get you set up in our system. After that, you’ll be generating income right away.

We hear that a lot! It’s not too good to be true and we have other dealers you can personally speak with to verify. All of them average at least $100/hour and make consistent income, month after month. 

Just like Coca Cola keeps it formula secret we keep our niche in the market secret. First, we don’t want to invite competition by allowing every person visiting this page to know what we’re doing. We’ve spent 4 years developing this niche.
Second, many people don’t recognize the equipment by it’s name and just get confused, so we’ve learned it’s best to show them a picture of the equipment during their video call.

I’m a retired electrician and I offered to be the first satellite location while providing him with operational feedback to further streamline the process before bringing on new locations. My monthly income has greatly improved my retirement lifestyle and I love the feedback customers give us. The maintenance is super simple and it only takes a few minutes of my time each day. I feel good about making a positive difference.

income from home testimonial

Bob Francis

I’m retired from doing daycare and my husband has since retired from UPS. He does the maintenance of the equipment and he’s happy to be involved with it. The maintenance and inspections are simple and easy. It’s such an inventive idea to have this business out of our home. We’re both so pleased to hear the positive feedback from customers. Since we’ve started it has grown and we’ve enjoyed the business immensely.

Income from home testimonial

Lee and Donna Knuppel