Thanks for your interest in Medical Income USA’s work from home program.

  • Could you use an extra $500-$800 a month in income? 
  • Do you have an extra 5-8 hours a month?

Hi, my name is Rob Urban. I started Medical Income USA in 2019 and its taken me two solid years of effort developing, testing, fine tuning and retesting our work from home program. We finally got it figured out and it works incredibly well.

About our work from home program:

– It costs you NOTHING! Seriously
– You’ll be generating stable income right away and it will grow over time
– Its very easy and we’ll train you
– The hours are incredibly flexible
– You’ll have others in our program to talk to, we hold monthly video calls
– You don’t have to sell anything
– You’ll be helping out folks in need who are extremely grateful
– We have limited spots available, once your town is taken its gone forever

The reason you saw our ad is because we’re expanding our business across the U.S. and need folks like you to help us out. We’ve created a unique, yet super simple way to make money from home and we’re disrupting an industry in the process.

I’d like to send you an info packet by email. In the packet I’ll give you more details about how the program actually works. This isn’t a sales pitch and I’m not going to ask you for money and I’m not going to spam you. Once you get the info packet you’ll either be very interested or you won’t be. Therefore, I’ll send you just ONE email and that’s it so please check your spam folder. I won’t chase you down or bother you – I’ll just wait for you to reach back out to me. Have a great day!

We provide training, at no cost to you, but would like to understand your mechanical skill set

Medical Income USA was founded in 2019 by Rob Urban in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO.  Our family loves the mountains and we enjoy camping, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, baseball, soccer and outdoor activities. 

Photo taken at Turquoise Lake, Colorado

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