• Medical Income USA rents small medical equipment out of distributors’ homes
  • We employ local distributors as independent contractors and they work from home maintaining our equipment
  • No heavy lifting and very easy to maintain equipment. Equipment weighs just 18 lbs to 28 lbs and is 18″ wide by 36″ long and is very easy to maneuver 
  • We use your home address as the pickup/return point for customers
  • All you do is leave small medical equipment on your front porch so the equipment is readily available for customers to pickup from 8am-8pm 365 days
  • Customers place orders on our website. Our software immediately sends the customer a text message with pickup instructions to your front porch
  • The process is fully automated and you do not need to meet with customers or hold appointments. You can go to work or go shopping and never have to meet with customers
  • Our customers self service by following the instructions to pickup the medical equipment and they will rarely bother you at home
  • Our average customer rents our medical equipment for 4 weeks. When they’re done using the equipment they return it to your front porch and then text our software that is has been returned
  • When its returned our system sends you a text message letting you know to inspect the equipment. Your job is to clean and inspect the equipment and perform any maintenance. You then reply back to the text message with a pass/fail for the inspection
  • Cleaning, inspecting and maintaining each equipment item typically takes about 10-12 minutes and can be done at any time as long as its completed before 8am the following morning
  • Husbands, wives or teenage children can do the inspections, it’s really very simple and easy
  • Typically it’s the husband who will perform maintenance. The maintenance is not difficult and only requires simple tools like allen keys, a few wrenches, a socket set and some channel locks
  • Our typical distributor hosts between 40-50 pieces of medical equipment and the equipment is normally rented out which means you’ll only have a few items on your porch at any one time – up to 10 items but on average about 3-4 items at any one time
  • We pay you $20 per rented medical equipment at the end of each month. For example, if you have 40 items rented for the month we pay you $20 x 40 = $800. For 40 items it will take you approximately 10-12 minutes per item to clean, inspect and maintain each. 40 items X 12 minutes = 480 minutes per month (8 hours). Therefore, you should expect to make around $100 per hour. Obviously you’ll be working in short 10-12 minute increments but those can be scheduled for you to do in the evenings or early morning, as long as its completed before 8am the next day

Why do we use home distributors as pickup/return locations?

  1. keeps our prices 50-70%% lower than all competitors in the USA
  2. allows us to offer incredible convenience to our customers with 12-hour per day, 365 day pickups/returns rather than the standard Monday-Friday 9-5 business hour schedule
  3. allows us to offer a compelling opportunity for home owners to generate a substantial, long-term income from home

What does it cost me?
Nothing! We buy the equipment and ship it directly to you within 4 days
We handle all customer service issues
We handle all invoicing, billing and collections
We handle all marketing
We train you and support you
We hold monthly video calls with all distributors 
You can call any of us at any time so you’ll have community support
You can speak with other distributors before you join us

We’ll ship scooters directly to you, no cost to you
You’ll unbox, assemble, label them and we pay you $20 per scooter, start with 10 scooters
Month 1 income $400-$500
Paid $20 per rented scooter, take a daily tally, pay you at the beginning of next month via Paypal
Set up a Google Knee Scooter USA location at your home address
Customers will order online, receive a text to pickup, come pickup and text our software
Cyclicality – may have a dozen scooters sitting idle once every 3 months or so
Home security camera pointed on scooters and driveway (1 or 2 cameras) $100 cost
Need to get wife on board, will take several weeks to get used to having scooters on your porch
Want someone long term (10 years), no commitment though
Verify tools or you’ll need to buy tools
Quarterly inventory counts for seat pads, tubes, wheels, miscellaneous parts emailed to me, I ship to you
Talk with other distributors