Hi. You recently expressed interest in our Work From Home program. As promised, the details of this unique program our outlined below. 

How It Works

    Our company rents small medical equipment at prices 50% lower than every competitor in the country. We employ local distributors who use their front porch as a pickup/dropoff location. It works fantastically well. Our customers love the convenience without the need to meet anyone – they place an order online and can  pickup from your front porch within minutes. You just leave some equipment on your front porch during the day and customers pickup at their convenience. No need to meet or talk with anyone. Our distributors love the simplicity and the extra income. It’s very convenient for our customers and lucrative for our distributors.
    As a local distributor you’ll work from home. You’ll leave small equipment on your front porch so it’s readily available for customers to pickup 8am-8pm 365 days.
    Customers place orders for small medical equipment rentals on our website. Our software sends the customer a text message with pickup instructions to your front porch. The process is fully automated and distributors do not need to meet with customers. The customers self service by following the text instructions to pickup the equipment from the distributors home, 8am-8pm 365 days a year. It allows us to keep our prices low rather than to have expensive store fronts which must be passed on to customers with expensive prices. Our distributors bring in substantial monthly income which only requires 5 to 10 hours a month of their time. In contrast, our competitors have store fronts which means they have expensive leases and employees. They’re typically open 9am-6pm Monday – Friday and closed on weekends which is a frustration for customers who need equipment on nights and weekends. 
    When customers are done using the equipment, typically after 4 weeks, they’ll return it to your front porch and then text our software that it’s been returned. You’ll receive a text notification that the equipment has been returned. You then clean and inspect the equipment and perform any maintenance, if needed. Once you’ve done this you’ll then text our software from your mobile phone with a pass/fail for the equipment. Cleaning, inspecting and maintaining each equipment item typically only takes 5 minutes and can be done at any time as long as its completed before 8am the following morning. You can go to work all day, go to the gym or go fishing as our automated system does the work for you. The only tools you need are a few wrenches and a socket set. 
    New distributors start out making $400-500 their first month, growing to $1000 per month in 9-12 months and probably even higher in the years that follow.  The reason for this is we get a lot of repeat and referral customers. Your income will be stable because our service is always in demand regardless of the economy. As a distributor you’ll be an independent contractor working from home and your time commitment will be about 10 hours per month but spaced out in 5 minute increments for each equipment item. Our typical distributor makes about $100 per hour.
    We buy all of the equipment and ship it directly to you at our cost. We work with customers directly so there’s no sales and minimal customer contact on your part. Customers pickup and return the equipment at your front porch (or similar easy to access area). We ask them to park in your driveway, off of the street, or wherever there is the easiest access to pickup/return the equipment while minimizing any disturbances to your neighbors. When customers pickup and return you do not need to be present. In fact, you’ll rarely interact with customers at all, unless you choose to.
    We have 2 types of equipment: one weighs 18 lbs, the other weighs 28 lbs. Both are 36″L x 18″W and very easy for you to maneuver. You’ll rarely need to lift them. We spent two years developing the system to be automated and easy for our distributors and customers. In fact, customers will love you because our medical equipment rentals are 50% lower than every competitor in the country. Our easy, automated pickups/returns are extremely convenient for customers when they really need them, including weekends. It’s actually why we started the company back in 2019. Our founder had a bad experience finding affordable, available medical equipment when he needed it. It was so frustrating to him that he decided to try to fix it. Our feedback has been incredible and our company now has multiple locations and we’re expanding quickly.
    We try to keep your work to a minimum because we want you to have a long-term passive income source, or at least as passive as we can make it for you. The extra $500 to $1,000 per month you make can be used to supplement your income or retirement, to fund your child’s college fund, or to build up your nest egg.

Still interested? The next step in the process is to schedule a phone call with our founder and CEO but before we do this we need to ask you a few questions. These questions are important because not only do we need to make sure you are a good fit – we also need to make sure your home and its location is a good fit. The reason for this is our customers have physical restrictions so location and ease of access are important considerations. After you answer these questions we’ll review them and get back to you promptly. We really appreciate your time and interest. 

Customer Reviews

Distributor Reviews

I am very inspired by this opportunity and financially it has exceed my expectations. The business keeps growing every month and so does my income. The maintenance of the equipment is very easy too. It’s really a wonderful home-based business that I’m glad to be a part of. If you come onboard as a distributor I’d love to talk with you.

Bob Urban


Since we’ve started it has grown and we’ve enjoyed the business immensely. It’s such an inventive idea to have this business out of our home so customers can get access to same day medical equipment.  I feel so good about being a part of it and seeing the folks we’re helping out with affordable, immediately available medical equipment. My husband has since retired from UPS in June 2021 and now he’s doing the maintenance of the equipment which isn’t demanding at all. We are both so pleased!

Lee and Donna Knuppel

Our promise to you
We will get you operational and generating income within 2 weeks of signing on as distributor. Our business is stable and always in need and your income will be as well for many years to come

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